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The King's Bridge, Dublin (West View)
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The King's Bridge, Dublin (West View)
Irish School
Engraving on Paper
10 x 15.5cm


Purchased from Southern Prints, 2003

George Petrie

Irish School

George Petrie was an Irish born painter, antiquarian and archaeologist of the Victorian era. Born in Dublin to miniature painter and portrait artist James Petrie, George showed considerable interest in art from a young age. He was trained as an artist and spent a number of years producing sketches for engravings for travel books such as the ones seen here at the Crawford. Petrie is also credited with the revitalization of the Royal Irish Academy’s antiquities committee; among his acquisitions were The Annals of the Four Masters manuscript and the Cross of Cong. Throughout his life he made a significant contribution to the development of archaeological knowledge and methodology.
As an artist his preferred medium was watercolour, in spite of the prejudice in favour of oil paint at the time. He is considered on of the finest Irish Romantic painters of his time.