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Snap Apple Night or all Hallow Eve
Snap-Apple Night or all Hallow's Eve
c. 1840
Irish School
60cm x 81cm


Purchased in 1993

Daniel Maclise RA RHA

Irish School

Born in Cork, Daniel Maclise was one of the first students to attend the Cork School of Art with fellow students John Hogan and Samuel Forde. He was an ambitious artist with a lively mind and personality who mixed well with literatery and political figures. In 1827 he moved to London where he attended The Royal Academy Schools. While there, he progressed quickly, earning medals for drawing and history painting. During his early years he supported himself by making pencil portraits and in 1830 he began his famous series of character portraits for Frazer's Magazine. He also illustrated books such as Hall's Ireland - its Scenery and Character. His draughtmanship was greatly admired, and his many clients and friends included the Disraeli family and Thackeray. Maclise became a very successful history painter, achieving a status and respect which was unequaled by any other Irish artist in Britain. Between 1858 and 1864, he painted a fine series of large sale frescoes for the new Houses of Parliament in London. A member of the Royal Academy, Maclise refused an offer of the presidency in 1866, and , in later life, became quite reclusive. He never married but lived with his parents and sister in London. After his death in 1870, an academy dinner was held in his honour where his friend Charles Dickens delivered a tribute address in which he talked of Maclise's 'fertility of mindand wonderful wealth of intellect'.