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Arts+Minds in the Crawford Art Gallery
Arts+Minds in the Crawford Art Gallery

Arts + Minds meet with visual artist Julie Forrester regularly at the Crawford Art Gallery, supported by the gallery's participation programme. Over the past five years members have visited exhibitions and explored a diverse range of themes, techniques, and approaches to creating art work. In the process of looking and appreciating works in the Gallery, members have forged singular styles from individual sensitivities.

Arts + Minds is a Health Service Executive arts and mental health programme based in Cork. It involves eight mental health settings, and aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of mental health service users through high quality engagement with the arts.

Comments from members include:

It’s great, I love being in the gallery”

“It [the arts] give... a sense of not being cut off, it’s integrated with our culture, the everyday stuff that people do in communities and the outside world...” 

“We’ve been institutionalised, and completely the opposite of that is what we need”

“I think coming into somewhere like the Crawford Gallery and using this space is really’s inclusive”.

‘We are all on the same boat ….we are connected through developing a story’

‘I realised I had imagination’

‘It’s different because you are not talking about your illness, you are not discussing that, you are not discussing your medication. You are just like any other person when you are in there, you are just learning and having a laugh... just like any other person.’

Further Information

Beyond Diagnosis – the transformative potential of the arts in mental health care 
(commissioned by Arts + Minds, written by L. Sapouna, UCC, 2012

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