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The Door Ajar

Adam Buck (1759–1833): 
A Regency Artist from Cork

4 February–9 April 2016

Born in Cork to a family of silversmiths, Adam Buck specialised in painting miniatures from an early age and soon progressed to larger watercolour portraits. After working in Cork and Dublin, Buck left Ireland for London in 1795 and began a long and prolific career as a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. He quickly became one of the most sought after miniature and portrait artists of the Regency Period, as such his work provides a fascinating insight into the life and style of the elite in society. 

This exhibition is a distilled version of the wonderful exhibition of the same name that appeared in the Ashmolean Museum from July to September 2015. The show at the Crawford will contain works from the National Gallery of Ireland, the Royal Collections Trust and the Crawford's own Permanent Collection.

A monograph publication, written by respected authority on the life of Adam Buck, Peter Darvall, will accompany the exhibition.

Some coverage was given to the exhibtion in RTE's Nationwide programme. You can view that here (approx. 10 minutes in).