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Friends of the Crawford Gallery

As an independent support group for the Crawford Art Gallery, the Friends´ aim is to promote awareness of the Gallery, its collections and exhibitions and to foster an interest in all aspects of art and heritage. Through your membership and participation in the Friends´ events we provide support to the Gallery for future acquisitions of art and for exhibitions.

Members of the Friends of the Crawford Art Gallery have the opportunity to attend our spring and autumn series of lunchtime lectures on art history, contemporary art and our local heritage of art and architecture.

Throughout the year the Friends of the Crawford Art Gallery also host short visits and guided day tours to galleries, museums and great houses and gardens of Ireland.

Members have the opportunity to attend short talks by art historians on specific works in the Gallery´s permanent collection followed by tea/coffee and scones in the Ballymaloe Gallery café.

Each year we organise a tour abroad for our members to places of cultural interest throughout Europe. Recent tours have been to Istanbul, Sicily, Malta and Madrid.

Members of the Friends of the Crawford Art Gallery receive notification of, and invitations to, the opening of all Gallery exhibitions.

Details of membership are available from the Friends’ Office beside the Gallery Café.

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Administrators are present in the gallery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm.

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Autumn 2016
Lunchtime Lecture Series


In our final lecture series of this commemorative year we look back to the Arts and Crafts movement, with lectures from, artist and writer, Brian Lalor and author and art historian, Vera Ryan, who is the guest curator of the gallery’s exhibition, Made in Cork: The Arts and Crafts Movement from 1895 - 1925 opening in November.

We begin with Tom Spalding, historian, discussing the art and architecture of the Cork International Exhibition at the dawn of the twentieth century in 1902.  

We are delighted to introduce Isabella Mitchell, artist and member of the Friends of the Crawford, who will present her research on William Willes, Cork born artist and first headmaster of the School of Design in Cork.

Mary Healy,
lecturer in Art History at UCC, closes the series with a talk on Marie Lucas -Robiquet and Orientalism.

Friday October 28th                               
Tom Spalding
Art and Architecture at the Cork International Exhibition, 1902
Whilst novelty, entertainment and culture were key reasons why 1.5 million visitors came to the Cork International Exhibition in 1902, its art and architecture were seen by many at the time as significant.
Cork architect, Arthur Hill assembled a collection of nearly 800 paintings photographs and sculptures from collections across Ireland and Britian. Tom Spalding looks at these artworks which include work by Millais, Osborne, John Yeats and Holman Hunt.

Friday November 4th                       
Isabella Mitchell
One of the Lads 
William Willes was an early 19th century Cork born Artist, Antiquarian and was also the first Headmaster of the Cork School of Design.
In the last two years whilst living in Cork, Isabella Mitchell, artist and member of the Friends of the Crawford Art Gallery, began researching William Willes. In this lecture she will share how her obsession began, and introduce us to his family and circle of famous friends during his residency in London.

Friday November 11th 
Brian Lalor
Artist and Author
Brian Lalor is an authority on the Arts & Crafts Movement with a particular interest in Cork woodcarving. His numerous publications include General Editor of The Encyclopaedia of Ireland (2003), Rosenheim and Windermere (2011) and Ink-Stained Hands (2011). The international Arts & Crafts Movement was not a coherent style or ideology but produced radically varying responses in the different countries where it developed.

By looking at Arts & Crafts furniture in Britain, Germany, Scandinavia and the United States, the significance of the work of seven Cork and Munster based craftworkers can be seen in relation to the international movement and to the Irish cultural revival of the late nineteenth - early twentieth centuries.  

Friday November 18th                                   
Vera Ryan
Author and Art Historian
Made in Cork: The Arts and Crafts Movement from 1895 -1925
Vera Ryan is guest curator of the gallery’s exhibition, Made in Cork: The Arts and Crafts Movement from 1895 -1925, which opens on November 18th and brings together key artists including James Archer, Michael J. McNamara, Joseph Higgins and the lesser known Annie Crooke and Kathleen Murphy O’Connor.

In this talk Vera looks at the people involved in the Arts and Crafts movement in Cork, where artisan workers in lace and metalwork, the Cork School of Art, artists, craftspeople, religious orders and business families like the Days, Egan & Sons, and James Watson & Sons flourished and influenced the wider social structure of Cork and beyond. 

Friday November 25th                                        
To Be Announced

Friday December 2nd                                   
Mary Healy
Dept of Art History, UCC
Visualising the 'Orient': a French Woman Orientalist in North Africa, 1893-1909
Until recently only one female artist was recognised in the canon of French Orientalist art. Through empirical research Dr. Mary Healy has recorded eighty six, largely ignored French female artists whose works—for a period of their practices—show influence of Orientalist subject matter.

This lecture will focus on the artist Marie Lucas-Robiquet and a selection of her Orientalist paintings, which she created in North Africa between 1893 and 1909.

Dr. Healy will position Lucas-Robiquet in French Orientalist scholarship by questioning what role her paintings played in France’s aspiration to visualise the 'Orient'.

Friday December 9th
The Friends’ Christmas Party will be held in the Long Gallery
Admission including entry in Christmas raffle €15

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