"Permis de Construire"

April 17 - May 3 2003

Crawford Municipal Art Gallery in collaboration with the Institute of Choreography and Dance presents a multiple video installation by dance choreographer Hervé Robbe.

The theme of the house suggests itself as the subject for this innovative choreography. Choosing this space of reference is to question its symbolism, Mythology and architectural materiality.
The dancer, who will be present only in images, will become the subject of, and character in, the different pieces of video fiction.

The physicality of the minimal space in this installation allows image and sound to recompose the fragmented scenography. The use of space and projection will echo the multiple components of the dancing bodies who renew themselves unceasingly.

Hervé Robbe sees the coexistence of choreography with video and sound as a way to create new qualities of space and to allow a re-invention of the way the choreographic event unfolds.

The architecture of the installation encourages a perceptive process by the public, as "the spectator is confronted with mystery".

Robbeís collaborators include composers such as Andrea Cera and Etienne Cuppens and filmmakers such as Christian Boustani.

Open: Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm (Admission Free). Full wheelchair access.

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