"Random tumbling potential"

May 14 - June 28 2003


Crawford Municipal Art Gallery presents an exciting new site- specific work by artist Inge Van Doorslaer.


"A gathering of winged seeds tumbling

gracefully at random into space

simultaneously lifted up, airborne; all of

a sudden all over the place hopeful

potential held gently aloft, on a passing

breeze, in temporary suspension,

somewhat restless, containing the

promise of something"

(Inge Van Doorslaer, April 2003)

ëRambling tumbling potentialí is a mixed media wall installation specifically developed for the Project Room space. The work will allow natural light to become an element of the work

Inge Van Doorslaer has exhibited widely across Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Her process is concerned with an attentive gathering of understanding of our everyday world, and a curiosity about the perception of the ordinary.

She enhances the subtle qualities of a wide variety of media, from textiles and printmaking to photography and the sculptural.

In her work, a re-contextualising of the banal allows subtle presences to emerge, revealing the hidden qualities of objects and drawing attention to the process of discovery.