Suzy O'Mullane


August 30 - October 4 2003

"The Weimar Mouth" is an exhibition of new works by Irish figurative painter Suzy O'Mullane.

Dealing solely with women as a subject the title refers to the shape of the made up lips of a Weimar Republic chanteuse and the strength of women's character this often personifies.

The exhibition marks a shift in O'Mullane's work from earlier formal concerns towards the psychological potential of the human portrait.

Her subject matter of the female figure presents a varied vision of femininity, from the quirky to the sultry to the often direct gaze, which the viewer experiences as voyeur.

The exhibition consists of a series of charcoal drawings and oil on canvas paintings which together create a provocative experience for the viewer.

Of her new work O'Mullane has said: 'The interaction between humans is very important to my work. The inherent potential for drama is endless, and the potential for intrusion and violation of artist to sitter is inevitable, but unavoidable. This causes an interesting dynamic in the work, which I am presently exploring".

Suzy O'Mullane has exhibited widely and recent exhibitions include Backwater 2003 Cork, Sligo and Antrim (2003) Solo Show, Blue Leaf Gallery, Dublin (2003), The Figure Show Berlin, (2000).