• Séan Scully - Figure / Abstract
  • Vivienne Roche, Head to Head
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Seán Scully
Figure / Abstract
27 June–12 September 2015

Head to Head
Vivienne Roche
15 May–25 September 2015

National Heritage Week, Meta-Perceptual Helmets Tour
22–28 August 2015

W.B. Yeats - Family & Influences


The Art of the Silhouette in 19th century Cork


The Eye of the Artist

Harry Clarke
Watercolours, ink drawings and stained glass

Art and Patronage in 18th.Century Cork
Long Room

Cooper Penrose Collection
Penrose Rooms

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Sean Scully
Meta Helmet Heritage week
W.B. Yeats Family and Influences

Creative Writing Competition results
Three Centuries of Irish Art Book
Yeats Family and Influences
Yeats Family and Influences